Nude Photos of Singer Cassie Leaked Online

May 7, 2009 By:
Nude Photos of Singer Cassie Leaked Online

R&B singer Cassie is said to be furious after nude photos of her "leaked" onto the internet. Diddy is NOT going to be happy about this one!

The photos show the Me&U songstress naked from the waist up, laying on a bed with nipple piercings.

Cassie is using the classic "my computer was hacked" excuse to explain the leaked photos.

Since Twitter is the new black, she took to the Twitter page to explain the leak. She writes, "It seems that someone has hacked into my computer...that's real foul and evil... Now stop acting like you haven't seen a t**ty before."

First she shaves her head and now leaked nude photos appear on the net? Sounds like someone's desperate for a career boast!