Networks Fighting For Casey Anthony Interview

July 22, 2011 By:
Networks Fighting For Casey Anthony Interview

When Casey Anthony was trying to prove her innocence, she looked like complete crap. Her hair was awful, she dressed like an old man, and her eye bags were so big, they made Vince Vaughn’s bags look like coin purses.

Then suddenly, Casey gets off scot-free, and she turns into Alyssa Milano circa 1998. And it’s no surprise that her lawyers are now trying to sell her first interview.

Sources tell TMZ that NBC, ABC, and CBS are all competing for the first interview with Anthony, working out negotiations with her lawyer, Jose Baez. According to the sources, there is a “big price tag” for the interview.

The sh-ttiest part about all of this is, we’re going to watch that interview. Sure, we complain that Casey Anthony is a murderous fame whore, but let’s face it, we wanna hear what she has to say for herself so we can hate her more.

NBC is reportedly the frontrunner so far, but there’s a possibility of ABC nabbing it. CBS “is a distant third.” NBC is reportedly paying for Baez’s hotel room. He has been staying at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, and on Thursday night, he was seen at the hotel’s bar with lawyer Mark Geragos. Sources say Geragos gave Baez pointers on negotiating the deal.