Carson Daly Responds to Possible TRL Return Rumors

May 10, 2012 By:
Carson Daly Responds to Possible TRL Return Rumors

There used to be a time when people still cared about music videos, when albums weren’t leaked online, and girls screamed and carried signs that said things like “Marry Me Lance Bass.”

Sadly, those days are long gone.

I’m talking about a time when TRL was still a thing. Yes, Total Request Live, the best thing that ever happened to MTV and Carson Daly’s career.

TRL was famous for playing the videos of Britney Spears, N’Sync, and Backstreet Boys and all the other pop artists of the late 90’s and 2000’s.

Now with the recent surge in popularity of boybands like One Direction and The Wanted, a show like TRL could probably thrive again.

So we went to the source, to get the scoop on a possible re-vamp of TRL: Carson Daly himself.

We talked to the host at "The Voice" finale and asked him if there will ever be a new version of TRL?

“No, I don’t think so,” Carson tells Hollyscoop, “I would be 70 years old by the time…no, I don’t think so. No.”

TRL just wouldn’t be the same without Carson, too bad, because "The Voice" host is “in” with all the hottest pop stars.

Justin Bieber performed on the finale episode and Carson tells us, “it was good to have him on. He’s maturing into a really great male solo artist and it’s nice to see him enter this sort of new territory. Bieber’s…on a great trajectory right now.”