Report: Carrie Underwood Planning to Adopt

September 19, 2011 By:
Report: Carrie Underwood Planning to Adopt

She’s been dodging pregnancy rumors, but that doesn’t mean Grammy winning singer Carrie Underwood isn’t planning to become a mom. And soon!

Carrie is reportedly planning to adopt after visiting a bunch of orphanages and children’s charities. Last year, Underwood explained that her and her NHL husband were not trying to have a baby because he was in Canada and she was living in Nashville. Unless he’s got telepathic sperm, those aren’t very good baby-making conditions.

But in February of this year, Mike Fisher was traded from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators and word is, the two are nesting. A friend of Underwood’s revealed:

“Doing humanitarian work really opened Carrie’s eyes to the number of orphaned children around the world who are just waiting for a loving home.”

The pal added:

“She has been to Africa twice on behalf of ‘Amer­ican Idol,’ visiting or­phanages, hospices and health-care centers as part of the ‘Idol Gives Back’ project. Carrie literally fell in love with every child she came in contact with – and wanted to take each of them home with her. She wasn’t married at the time, but always promised herself one day when she hit it big, she would adopt a baby.”

Well, she’s definitely hit it big.

“Now, since her career is so hot, she doesn’t have time for a pregnancy or the time it would take to get her body back in shape, so she thinks adopting is a perfect alternative.”

Not having dehydrated boobs is a plus, but let’s hope this also has something to do with helping a child in need.

The friend said that Carrie has been joking: “If adopting is good enough for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, it will be good enough for Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher!”

I knew we couldn’t make it through an adoption story without mentioning Brangelina.

Speaking of kids, Fisher is planning to write a children’s book about religion:

“I’ve always enjoyed working with kids, whether it be hockey school, things like that, and I just thought it would kind of be neat to start there with a book for kids,” the hockey player explained. “I think kids need role models. I needed role models when I was growing up and I ran into a lot of different people and that’s what helped me. And I thought, why not? I’d like to help some other kids if possible.”