Carried Underwood on Babies: Uh No Thanks

December 7, 2010 By:
Carried Underwood on Babies: Uh No Thanks

Whatever you do, don't ask Carrie Underwood about having babies.

The newlywed has had to answer the baby question about 57,846 times since tying the knot in July and she's totally over it.

"Everybody, like, is on this baby bandwagon, I don't know what the deal is," Carried told Us Weekly at Monday's American Country Awards in Las Vegas. "But I would really like to figure out what it's like to be married first, and I know he would too."

So basically unless she had an accident, don't expect to see a growing baby bump anytime soon. "Sometimes I know God laughs at your plans, and says, 'Nope,'" said Carrie. "But it's definitely not in ours any time soon. So, no babies."

So we can all put the Carrie baby plans to rest for a few months. And while we're on the subject Hilary Duff isn't planning on becoming a mother anytime soon either.

Who do you predict will become a mother in 2011?