Carrie Underwood's Boyfriend Opens Up About Dating Her

October 21, 2009 By:
Carrie Underwood's Boyfriend Opens Up About Dating Her

It looks like Carrie Underwood has finally found a man she can hold onto. She struck out with both Chace Crawford and Tony Romo, but has now found love in NHL star Mike Fisher.

The former American Idol winner and the Ottawa Senators player always find time for each other, even in spite of their crazy hectic schedules. According to Fisher, the two lovebirds "met at a concert in Toronto about a year ago, in October, through a friend of a friend."

"It's been good!" he continued. Mike says he loves the track off Carrie's new album Play On called "Temporary Home." He says, "I like it when she sings a good rock song."

Unfortunately, Mike can't carry a tune quite the same way as his girl. He says, "I try to sing some of her songs, [and] she just laughs!"

He has nothing but great things to say about Carrie. "She doesn't get too many days off -- a lot less days off than I get," he notes. "She's always going. She's talented and she's getting rewarded for it. That's good to see."

How cute are they?! Maybe Carrie is onto something dating this hockey player. Hilary Duff has found quite the NHL cutie as well!