Carrie Underwood Joining How I Met Your Mother

January 6, 2010 By:
Carrie Underwood Joining How I Met Your Mother

One of the biggest country stars is joining the cast of one of the top comedies on television! According to People, Carrie Underwood will be guest starring on How I Met Your Mother.

Sources say Carrie will play a character named Tiffany, a pharmaceutical sales rep and love interest for Ted, played by Josh Radnor. As you may recall, Ted is the guy who Britney Spears’ character was in love with when she guested on the show.

Carrie’s episode is scheduled to air in March. Also coming up as a guest star is Stacey Keibler, who will join the cast on January 11th for the 100th episode. We’ll also meet Rachel Bilson’s character, who is rumored to be Ted’s love interest as well. Co-star Allison Hannigan refers to Rachel as “The One.” This is the closest he’s ever been,” she says.

Lots in store for How I Met Your Mother! This seems like the hot show to guest star on right now!