Carrie Underwood Getting Married Tomorrow!

July 9, 2010 By:
Carrie Underwood Getting Married Tomorrow!

The cat's out of the bag--Carrie Underwood is getting married tomorrow!

Carrie and her fiancé NHL player Mike Fisher tried their best to keep their upcoming wedding a secret, but of course, someone spilled the beans to the media and now we know she'll be walking down the aisle tomorrow.

A source revealed to the New York Post newspaper: “Carrie wants to keep the wedding small and secret. She originally wanted up to $2 million for the photo rights, but she's now believed to have struck a deal with a weekly magazine.”

Carrie has reportedly told guests to go to an airport in a southern city in the US, where they will then be taken to the top-secret site by private jet or limousine.

Carrie must have had a super wedding planner because she's had a lot on her plate lately. She recently said, “There's a lot going on. They are still in the season. They actually only have a few more season games left. I'm touring until the end of June, and have a few shows in July, so we're working on it here and there. We have a few things coming along."

Can't wait to see pictures of Carrie in a couture gown!