Topless Photos of Miss California Could Jump Start Her Career

May 6, 2009 By:
Topless Photos of Miss California Could Jump Start Her Career

Miss California Carrie Prejean may be in danger of losing her crown after topless photos of her surfaced on the internet, but like most disgraced pageant queens before her, it could ultimately jump start her career.

The Miss USA pageant is no stranger to controversy. Back in 2006, Donald Trump had to deal with his beauty queen, Tara Conner's naughty past.

Tara became the center of a public scandal when reports claimed she had been drinking underage, tested positive for use of cocaine, and kissed Miss Teen USA Katie Blair, among other things.

Donald sent Tara to rehab, and reintroduced her to the world as the new and improved Tara. She reemerged looking all prim and proper and they both banked off the publicity.

Fast forward to 2009 and Donald gets a new golden goose with Miss California, who made headlines with her strong anti-gay beliefs.

Before the anti-gay controversy died down, semi-nude photos of Carrie were leaked onto the internet. Carrie claims she was just 17 when the photos were taken, and she's learned from her mistakes.

So will Donald feature Carrie as his new act in this media circus and turn her into the new and improved Tara Conner? Or will he drop her?

Donald called into Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show today and said he would be reviewing the situation in the next two days. But he added that he thought the photos weren't "so bad..."

Donald and the directors of the Miss California USA pageant are currently looking into whether Prejean violated the 12-page contract all contestants are required to sign before the November state contest.

The document prohibits whoever holds the title of Miss California from making personal appearances, granting interviews or making commercials without permission from pageant officials and gives the pageant's directors the right to revoke her crown for breaching any of the document's provisions.

One thing's for sure, if Miss California does get dropped, it won't be the end of her career. And she certainly won't be the first beauty queen that's faced a nude photo scandal. Vanessa Williams's nude photos cost her the crown back in 1984, but it jump started her acting and singing career.

Whatever the case is, Miss California is causing uproar. Hollyscoop caught up with some stars and got their thoughts on all the controversy surrounding Miss California, and here's what they had to say:

Stephanie Pratt:

"I feel like it was a very inappropriate question, and I feel like that question belongs on a secret ballot and people should have filled out a secret ballot. But I don’t judge her for her opinion, I think anyone should be able to marry who they love though."

Stacy Keibler:

"I’m not really paying attention to it, I believe you should be with whoever you love."

Kelly Hu:

"It’s her opinion, I obviously don’t agree with it, but everyone is entitled."