More Topless Photos of Miss California Leaked

May 12, 2009 By:
More Topless Photos of Miss California Leaked

Miss California sure loves taking her top off. In fact, we've seen her topless so many times in the last week we're starting to forget what she looks like with clothes on.

More topless photos of Miss Cali Carrie Prejean just hit the internet, convenient the same day Donald Trump is scheduled to make a statement today about whether or not he'll fire her over the scandal.

TMZ got their hands on the photos, which were reportedly taken last year when Carrie was 20 years old. Just another partially nude photo shoot that she forgot to tell the Miss California officials about.

How do you just forget about a half dozen topless photo shoots you've done? Did she actually think she was going to get away with it? It's the internet!

What are your thoughts on the Miss California topless photos scandal? Is everyone making too big a deal out of it? Or should her crown be taken away?