Miss California's Fate to be Determined Tomorrow

May 11, 2009 By:
Miss California's Fate to be Determined Tomorrow

Shanna Moakler and the Miss California officials held a press conference in Beverly Hills today to speak out about the controversy surrounding Carrie Prejean. According to the officials, Carrie is in breach of contract and “entered the contest under false pretenses.”

Apparently the disappointment the Miss California organization with Carrie is more far-reaching than her widely publicize answer about gay marriage. Carrie also didn’t let the Miss California organization know about her involvement with anti-gay organizations, and she also failed to make mandatory appearances. Co-chair Keith Lewis didn’t hide his disappointment with Carrie Prejean, saying, "Up until now, we have just been riding along, pretty much a passenger on this runaway train. As of today, that ends."

But instead of deciding Prejean’s fate themselves, Miss California officials have turned that power over to Donald Trump, who will decide whether or not Carrie will lose her crown or not.

Keith was also quick to blame the conservative organizations that he says persuaded Prejean to promote their beliefs on marriage. Keith said today that the Miss California organization is focusing on “getting back to the business of beauty.”

Well, that’s something that’s definitely been tarnished ever since Carrie Prejean came into the public eye! Tune in tomorrow when Donald Trump decides Carrie’s fate! We want to know…do you think she should keep her crown as Miss California, or should it go to the runner-up?