Miss California Officials to Hold Press Conference Monday

May 9, 2009 By:
Miss California Officials to Hold Press Conference Monday

The fate of Carrie Prejean will be decided on Monday. The directors of the Miss California pageant have announced they’ll hold a press conference on Monday to address the many issues surrounding Prejean.

As a follow-up, Donald Trump, who owns the Miss USA origanization, will hold a conference of his own on Tuesday. Everyone has to put in their two sense!

Carrie Prejean will not be present at Monday’s conference, but Shanna Moakler, co-executive director of Miss California, will be there.

Many are speculating that Carrie’s crown will be taken away from her because of the semi-nude pictures that leaked of her online this week. Prejean’s contract states: “appearing in public or permitting myself to be photographed in a state of partial or total nudity or in a lewd, compromising or sexually suggestive manner constitutes a violation of this provision (this includes photographs of images that may appear on any Web site, such as MySpace of Facebook).”

Not that any of this matters! Carrie is pretty much a household name because of the pictures and her stance on gay marriage! She’s probably thankful just to be getting extra press!

Do you think Carrie’s Prejean’s crown should be taken away from her?