Carrie Prejean's Lawyer Says She Was Set Up

June 17, 2009 By:
Carrie Prejean's Lawyer Says She Was Set Up

Carrie Prejean just won’t go away! She was fired last week from her Miss California title, but is still complaining in the press every day.

The latest from Carrie is that she believes she was set up to fail. Her lawyer Charles LiMandri claims the pageant organization and director Keith Lewis plotted Prejean's downfall by knowingly sending her lists of events and opportunities that were beyond the typical expected duties.

He tells E! News, "There was really a lack for trust and a lack of respect. He was trying to set her up. Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler wanted her out, pure and simple. They finally found a way to get their way."

Please! How hard can the “duties” of Miss California really be?! But LiMandri went on to say, "Some of the things were such short notice, like that day or the next day, that they couldn't expect her to do it anyhow. When I read through the list with her, she said there was a lot of stuff she would like to go to, but it's not 'Miss California' stuff."

LiMandri says Lewis tried to set her up with a Playboy offer as a way to fire her. He says, "She had just gotten a request to do a Playboy shoot with partial nudity—this was several days after Trump reinstates her. [Lewis] knew she wouldn't do that stuff, and he was trying to set her up, saying, 'You can pick your photographer. You can pick the photos.' And then he'd be able to fire her for sure."

LiMandri also says that if Keith Lewis and the Miss California organization don’t stop speaking badly about Carrie, they’ll have no choice but to file a lawsuit.

He says, "She doesn't feel that she can just stand by and let herself be continually defamed by Keith Lewis, saying things that are not true. It's basically her opportunity to tell her side about what happened. She really never had a chance to address those issues. People really don't know how badly she's been treated."

Carrie Prejean just can’t deal with the fact that her 15 minutes are way up, and we’ve all moved on. It’s time she did too!