Carrie Prejean Threatens to Walk Out on Larry King

November 12, 2009 By:
Carrie Prejean Threatens to Walk Out on Larry King

Carrie Prejean was pretty unhappy with Larry King yesterday. She showed up to do an interview on Larry King Live, and things got so uncomfortable for her, she almost stormed off the set!

Carrie was on the show to discuss the reason she decided to settle her lawsuit with the Miss California Organization, rather than keep going forward with it.

Larry asked her why she decided to make a deal with the pageant officials instead of going forward with her claims of libel, slander and religious discrimination.

He asked, "Why settle when you had a fight to carry on? You can't even say why you settled?"

He was obviously referring to the fact that the next day, news broke of a sexually explicit tape that Carrie had made. She responded, "Larry, it's completely confidential and you're being inappropriate."

The two continued to argue, and Larry finally gave up on her, deciding to take a call, and joking, "Okay, inappropriate King Live continues.”

Carrie continued to get her panties in a bunch, taking off her microphone, and telling a producer, "I'm going to leave.”

She continued to Larry, "I think you are being extremely inappropriate right now, and I'm about to leave your show."

Watch for yourself…was Larry being inappropriate?