Carrie Prejean Suing For Religious Discrimination

August 31, 2009 By:
Carrie Prejean Suing For Religious Discrimination

Carrie Prejean is back in the news! She’s reportedly suing the Miss California USA organization, claiming pageant officials like Shanna Moakler and Keith Lewis discriminated against her because of her religious beliefs.

According to TMZ, Prejean filed the lawsuit in LA County Superior Court, accusing Moakler and Lewis religious discrimination, defamation, public disclosure of private facts, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Can we get a “puh-leeeeease???”

As you may recall, Carrie was fired from her position as Miss California in June. She thinks it was all a big conspiracy to get rid of her, though reps for the organization say Carrie wasn’t holding up her end of the bargain. She had reportedly missed several scheduled appearances.

In addition, Carrie claims pageant officials "fabricated a fraudulent list of some 50 public appearances allegedly missed by Prejean which they released to the media in order to justify her termination as Miss California USA."

She also says they "set up Prejean to have her dismissed as Miss California USA by asking her to do a Playboy photo shoot for $120,000."

Prejean's attorney, Charles S. LiMandri, tells RadarOnline, "To us it's outrageous what happened. There's no doubt in our
minds, that if she had answered that question at the Miss USA pageant differently she'd probably still be Miss USA right now, but she'd definitely still be Miss California."

"Over the past two months we have worked hard to provide overwhelming evidence that Carrie Prejean did not violate her contract with Miss California USA and did not deserve to have her title revoked by Keith Lewis. We will make the case that her title was taken from her solely because of her support of traditional marriage. Keith Lewis has refused to clear her good name or even to admit any wrongdoing.

Therefore, Carrie Prejean is left with no alternative but to take her case to court where she expects to be fully vindicated."

Shanna Moakler’s rep could not be reached for comment. Do you think Carrie has reason to sue??