Carrie Prejean Has a Sex Tape

November 4, 2009 By:
Carrie Prejean Has a Sex Tape

Just yesterday, Carrie Prejean settled her lawsuit with the Miss California organization. Surprisingly to us, she decided to settle the lawsuit against the executive director Keith Lewis.

In an official statement released Tuesday both sides said, “Carrie Prejean, Keith Lewis and K2 Productions have dropped their claim against each other and wish each other the best in their future endeavors.”

We almost thought Carrie was turning over a new and more mature leaf, until this bomb was dropped on us. According to TMZ, the reason for the settlement was due to an X-rated home video featuring Prejean herself.

Apparently, TMZ has known about this tape for months, but decided not to post it because it’s just that graphic and racy.

A lawyer for Miss California USA reportedly brought the evidence to the table yesterday, which made her swiftly change her tune.

TMZ says it took Carrie 15 seconds to decide to walk away with no money, rather than the million she originally wanted from them. We’re shocked!

This might be the first time a well-known person didn’t want their sex tape to get out there. Carrie is a lot more scandalous than we gave her credit for!