Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford Will Tie the Knot in April

January 16, 2012 By:
Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford Will Tie the Knot in April

Indie darling and “Shame” and “Drive” actress Carey Mulligan has sent out the save-the-dates for an April wedding to her Mumford & Sons fiancé Marcus Mumford.

The UK stars have decided to have the wedding in Britain, because that’s where they are both from.

“They’ve finally got around to choosing a date and place for the wedding and sent out all the ‘save the date’ cards to guests. They decided it makes sense to have the nuptials in Britain because it’s where both of their families are from,” a source tells The Sun newspaper.

However, the couple has been spending a lot of time apart.

“Both Carey and Marcus have been so busy recently. She’s been filming ‘The Great Gatsby’ in Australia and he has locked himself away in the studio with the rest of Mumford & Sons to record their album” adds the source.

Let me just say, that’s how Katy Perry and Russell Brand ruined their relationship. They were too busy, what with Katy Perry always gone on a world tour and Russell Brand, uhmm, doing whatever it is that he does. You have been warned Carey and Marcus.

The couple met last February when she attended his concert, and were engaged this summer. While it seems like they moved fast, it’s really only second base in the world of celebrity relationships. However, the couple new each other before they were famous.

If you thought that this couple was too cute already…did you know that they were pen pals when they were children? So cute, right? It’s basically unfair.