Kelsey Grammer Invites Ex-Wife to Wedding

January 26, 2011 By:
Kelsey Grammer Invites Ex-Wife to Wedding

This BS between Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer is starting to get really annoying.

The latest is that Kelsey has invited Camille to his upcoming wedding with Kayte Walsh. Yeah, that’s gonna go over real well. According to, he’s doing it because he wants his kids there on his big day.

A source claims Camille has finally come to terms with the fact that Kelsey has completely moved on, and wants what’s best for her the kids.

Can Camille Really Stop Kelsey Grammer's Marriage?

"Camille is an amazing human being," a friend of Camille’s says. "For her, it's all about her children. She's willing to put her personal hurt aside to be a great mom."

"Camille wouldn't be the first woman in the world to put her children before herself."

This is such complete and utter BS. Camille is the most selfish person alive. The only reason she would show up is if the cameras were on her so she could steal the spotlight away from Kayte.

Does anyone else think it’s a little psycho to have your ex-wife attend your wedding?!