Camille Grammer Not Returning to the Real Housewives?

January 21, 2012 By:
Camille Grammer Not Returning to the Real Housewives?

Say it aint so! Who will provide the voice of reason and slow even keeled way of keeping Brandi Glanville under control!? Ok, Kyle Richards probably will, but still! Camille Grammer probably wont be returning to Season three of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Apparently the producers are already auditioning new ladies and according to a source close to Bravo tell Radaronline, “The producers are asking Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof and Kyle Richards if any of their wealthy female friends would be interested in appearing on the show.”

Love that they call it “auditioning.” I guess they’ve realized that nobody actually believes in the reality of reality TV anymore, so hey, let’s just call it what it is.

Hollyscoop talked to Adrienne Maloof recently who told us, “I know they’re doing auditions, I don’t really know who’s going to be on next year but we’ll wait and see.”

However, according to this insider, Camille has got to go especially now that she doesn’t cause any drama on the show anymore.

“It’s an open secret that Camille most likely won’t be back for a third season. She came off as such a b-tch during season one, whereas this season she has been very reserved, and she isn’t exactly eager to return,” reveals the source.

So true. Once Camille played out the “I hate Kelsey Grammer” storyline, she really had no drama to contribute. Remember when the ladies rode in a limo and talked about how much Kelsey Gramme sucked!? Lol, that was the best, what happened to THAT Camille Grammer. Where have the claws gone? That being said, Kyle Richards doesn’t churn up too much drama either but she’s related to the Hiltons and that counts for everything. Also, Adrienne Maloof is not drama-causing either, but she’s the richest and the show needs her castle home for dinner parties.