Camille Grammer Great at Playing the Victim

January 6, 2011 By:
Camille Grammer Great at Playing the Victim

This Camille Grammer is just so f**king predictable.

She’s all weepy over the way people and blogs are talking about her after announcing she’s leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Oh, there’s also a bunch of pornographic pics of her circulating the internet, but more on that later.

Camille Getting $50 Million in Divorce

Camille famewhored herself out to People right away, telling them how hard her life is.

"It's like a runaway train that's out of control," Grammer says. "I'm going through this divorce in my private life, and this on top of everything else has been really hurtful. I don't know where it's coming from."

Clearly the woman is insane if she can say that with a straight face. She’s an absolute maniac on the show, and words can’t describe how fake and full of herself she is. Moving on...this is what she has to say about her ex Kelsey Grammer.

Camille Grammer: No More Real Housewives

"Even the nanny controversy, I have to laugh about it, because that was Kelsey's decision to hire the four nannies. And I'm taking all this heat for it," Grammer says. "It's almost as if, on the show, he had nothing to do with our life together. We were married! We made these decisions together."

"I'm not in love with him anymore," she says. "There's been too much pain. I'm moving forward. I'm starting new traditions with our children and I look forward to my future."

Now for the porn pics. Life & Style says softcore pics of Camille surfaced and made it into an email chain obtained by the other Housewives.

"The women started e-mailing the links to one another and writing the funniest comments," says an insider. "They loved that several porn sites listed Camille as having an average body and looks and too-large boobs."

Like clockwork, a blind item yesterday read:

”This controversial Real Housewives star is about to have some added drama in her life. The tabloids are working overtime to get a bunch of stories about our Housewife and her glory days as a hooker. Not anyone in New York or New Jersey.”

Can’t wait to see those bad boys! Before we know it Camille will posing solemnly on the cover of People again. She’s a victim, after all!