Zach Braff and Cameron Diaz to Star in Swingles

May 22, 2009 By:
Zach Braff and Cameron Diaz to Star in Swingles

Zach Braff has just announced plans for his next movie, which he’ll direct and star in with Cameron Diaz.

The film is called Swingles, making it his first feature since his 2004 directorial debut Garden State.

The story, which is based on a Duncan Birmingham spec, is about two people whose best friends fall in love, get married, and leave them without their wingman and wingwoman. So, they join forces to help each other find a mate. We see where this is going! Who wants to bet Cameron and Zach’s characters get together in the end. But there could be a surprise in store, since Braff is going as far as re-writing the script as well for his liking!

Cameron will of course play the female lead, while Zach has given himself a supporting role. The male lead has yet to be cast.

We have high hopes for this film! Cameron Diaz is always funny and charming in every role she takes on. And Garden State is one of our favorite films. He can definitely act, and it’s about time he did another movie. We’re sort of over him in Scrubs!