Report: Cameron Diaz Dating Jason Lewis

August 18, 2009 By:
Report: Cameron Diaz Dating Jason Lewis

Who said Cameron Diaz was unlucky in love? Not only has she found herself a new man, he's quite possibly the sexiest guy she's ever been with!

Cameron is reportedly dating Sex and the City star Jason Lewis aka: Smith Jared. They were recently spotted on a sushi date together in Venice Beach.

An onlooker said: “Cameron and Justin were sitting in the corner of Shima totally wrapped up in one another. They couldn’t stop touching each other. And we couldn’t stop looking.”

The couple have reportedly been friends for several years, but they just started a relationship just a few weeks ago.

The source added to Grazia magazine: “They’ve always got along, but now realize just how much they have in common. Jason is exactly Cameron’s type. She’s attracted to athletic types and they’re both passionate about the environment.”

What a gorgeous couple! We really hope these dating rumors are true, because they may become our favorite Hollywood couple. Match made in heaven if you ask us. What do you think about Hollywood's newest couple?