Cameron Diaz Was Never Hospitalized

April 25, 2008 By:
Cameron Diaz Was Never Hospitalized

Was Ashton Kutcher on crack when he claimed that Cameron Diaz was hospitalized and seeking treatment following her fathers death?

Diaz's reps aren't only denying the reports, they're pretty pissed off that he would make the statement in the first place.

While doing promos for What Happens In Vegas, Kutcher told reporters "Sadly she will not be joining us for the premiere as she has just lost her father and is under medical attention with stress at the moment."

A rep for Cameron insists that Kutcher was either misquoted or misinformed. She says, "These reports are absolutely untrue. She has taken time off to be with her family and plans to return to work next week."

Despite the fact that she said she was going to take some time off, she's expected to attend the Los Angeles premiere of What Happens In Vegas. When she returns to work she should give Kutcher an ass beating for making comments about her personal life. So uncalled for!