Cameron Diaz Takes On The Mother Of All Roles

June 25, 2009 By:
Cameron Diaz Takes On The Mother Of All Roles

We’re used to seeing actress Cameron Diaz take on roles as the pretty blonde or sultry sex bomb, but her latest role differs from her romantic comedies and critics are loving it!

In My Sisters Keeper, Cameron takes on the role as a mother who does In vitro fertilisation so that her child would be a genetic match for her older daughter Kate, who was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia when she was 2 years old.

Hollyscoop hit the films junket and caught up with Cameron about her first time playing a mom to teenagers.” I didn’t really think about it, you have have known me long enough to know that I don’t think about this stuff too hard. You know I just find my way through it. Nick brought me this script and it was a wonderful script.

"I didn’t really even think about that I would be playing a mother, I didn’t think about it in terms of what it meant to my career. I thought of it as what it meant to the story and who this woman was and what her life experience was. I didn’t think oh my gosh, If I play a mother and a mother of teenagers, what is it going to mean to my career? “ This movie can actually help her career maybe with even an Oscar nomination, since her acting is superb.

"The movie entails family values and the hardship one family goes through, which is the reason why Cameron took on the role. “Family is so important. I think this is what drew all of us to this story is the family. And the story of each of these characters. I think that’s something we all related to, reading the script, I don’t think there isn’t anything that you wouldn’t give to someone that you love that deeply, you do whatever it takes to keep the person alive.”

With so much hardship in life, we asked Cameron what makes her happy? “I think the most important thing I’ve found in my life is my family and friends. That’s your wealth in life. the people you love and love you back. The experiences that you get to have with those people. some come and some go. Some stay for a really longtime. some leave quickly, some linger, and all those experience are the wealth of your soul.”

With all this motherhood talk, is this movie going to change Cameron’s mind on being a mother? “No, (shrug) nope.”

My Sisters Keeper hits the big screen on June 26. In the meantime check out the movie trailer below.