Cameron Diaz: Sexy is My Favorite Sport

June 6, 2011 By:
Cameron Diaz: Sexy is My Favorite Sport

Cameron Diaz is a low-key nympho. Hey, she said it.

“Sex is my favorite sport,” explains the 38-year-old actress. Currently dating Baseball player Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriquez she says she’s “always in the mood.”

Always in the mood? That’s either got to be some sort of medical disorder or A-Rod is dating some kind of miracle woman.

Diaz tells British tabloid, “Sex is the sexiest word in the English language. Just the word is sexy to me."

Damn girl, calm down, you sound like a 14-year-old boy watching “Black Swan.”

Speaking of boning. Diaz stars opposite her ex Justin Timberlake in “Bad Teacher,” where they share a couple sex scenes. Was it awkward for the former lovers to fake it for the screen? Justin Timberlake tells Access Hollywood that it wasn’t awkward at all, “I didn’t look at it like that..I looked at it as a really funny, funny scene that I’ve never seen done before.”

Now Cameron is happy with her athlete man, but she does say she’s in no rush to get married anytime soon. “I don’t think we should live our lives in relationships based off old traditions that don’t suit our world any longer…we have to make up our own rules.”