Cameron Diaz Plays Mommy to A-Rod's Kids

December 20, 2010 By:
Cameron Diaz Plays Mommy to A-Rod's Kids

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez are definitely back on, and flaunting their hot bods all over Mexico.

The cameras caught the two lovebirds at a resort in Mexico, and it looks like A-Rod decided to be a good dad for once and bring along his kids.

Ella, the youngest one, seems to have taken to Cameron—she was spotted hanging all over her while they all hung by the pool.

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It’s pretty cute to see Cam acting all mommy-like. What’s going to suck is that poor Ella is going to wonder where she is in two months, when daddy has moved on to the next hot blonde actress in Hollywood to be his good luck charm when baseball season starts.

How pissed off is Rodriguez’s ex-wife Cynthia going to be when she sees these pics???

Take a look at them below!