Cameron Diaz Is Over L.A.

April 3, 2008 By:
Cameron Diaz Is Over L.A.

Cameron Diaz is sooooo over L.A. She is ready to replace L.A. for New York because she feels like the people in New York are much more real. She basically thinks L.A. is full of star fu**ers which is actually very true! In L.A. it's all who you are or who you are Fu**ing.

Cam told Britain's GQ magazine, "I'm going to get a place in New York. I feel I can have a life in New York, which is something that has become more of a task in Los Angeles. You get treated the same as everyone else in New York. Here (in Los Angeles) people have come to either become rich and famous or be near someone who's rich and famous. It's really sad."

"I'd never thought I'd get to the point where I thought I was done with L.A. - I'm from here."

Being L.A. natives, we totally get it and agree with Cam! The superficial thing in L.A. gets really old and annoying.