Cameron Diaz Is Writing A Book So You Can Look Hot Too

August 9, 2012 By:
Cameron Diaz Is Writing A Book So You Can Look Hot Too

Cameron Diaz is penning a book on—get this—health and wellness. HarperCollins just acquired the rights to the book, which will be edited (and probably mostly written) by Julie Will.

The actress wants to “engage and empower” women through the book, which is currently without a title but is set for publication in Fall of 2013.

In a press release for the book, HarperCollins reps say that Diaz “will offer health and wellness advice and inspiration for young women, addressing fitness, nutrition and well-being.”

Cameron is better known for her portrayal of not so highly intelligent blondes in cinema, and has two upcoming movies - The Counselor and Gambit - and most recently appeared in What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

With her probably preachy what-to-eat-and-how-to-exercise-as-you-hope-to-look-like-me book, Cameron joins the ranks of Gwyneth Paltrow, Trisha Yearwood, Teresa Giudice, and Eva Longoria.

Whenever a celebrity writes a book about image or wellness, I always hope that there’s a chapter called something to the effect of “Photo Shop: The Reason You Should Stop Trying.” And there never is.

Diaz’s trainer Teddy Bass hasn’t been shy about revealing her arm and leg workouts to SHAPE in the past, and he said in an interview last month with the mag that “She’s obviously genetically gifted, but she’s also incredibly dedicated to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.”

So I really do hope that Cameron proves me wrong on this one, especially since it sounds like the book will be aimed at teenagers. Perhaps it will be a more athletics and less waistline focused counterpoint to magazines like Seventeen and Teen Vogue.