Cameron Diaz and Paul Sculfor Split

May 5, 2009 By:
Cameron Diaz and Paul Sculfor Split

Cameron Diaz and the gorgeous Paul Sculfor have reportedly split up!

The two had proved us all wrong having stayed together for a whole year, but apparently it’s all come to end, like most Hollywood relationships.

According to Britain’s Grazia magazine, Cameron asked Paul to move out of her LA home where he had been living. Those close to the couple say the reason for the break-up was because they didn’t see each other enough.

A source says, "They have fallen out of love. They didn't seem to find time for each other anymore. Paul is not too enamored by Los Angeles and wants to be where his friends are. Cameron thought she could settle in England but missed her old life too much. The romance just died."

But Cameron seems to be doing okay with her new single status. She was recently seen at Chateau Marmont being flirty with several guys. A source says, "She looked hot and every guy in the place noticed. She was laughing so loudly you could hear her in the lobby. When a friend asked after Paul she just rolled her eyes and dismissed it with a wave of her hand. It was obvious from the way she referred to him that he's no longer her boyfriend."

Meanwhile Paul was recently spotted out at Swingers in LA, checking out a specific brunette at the bar. The source says, “He wasn’t acting like a guy with a girlfriend.”

Oh, Hollywood romances. We don’t know why we get tricked into thinking any of them will ever last!