Cameron and P.Diddy's Date Night

March 26, 2008 By:
Cameron and P.Diddy's Date Night

Talk about an odd couple! Hollyscoop has learned that Cameron Diaz and P.Diddy have been going out on some secret dates lately.

The two were spotted dining at Osteria Mozza restaurant on March 15. They arrived at the restaurant separately but left together through the back.

Cameron was already seated when Diddy arrived wearing a “brown Jump Suit and brought his own bottle of red wine wrapped in a ghetto Ralph's plastic bag,” an eyewitness tells Hollyscoop.

Our spy continued, "It was obvious they were on a date as the couple giggled and flirted with each other during dinner.”

Is this the next Hollywood couple or are we all getting punk'd for Ashton's show Pop Fiction? Cameron and Ashton are pretty close friends so it's possible that the date was a prank. The only thing that throws us off is that if they were trying to punk the press they would go out of their way to be photographed together just like Paris & the guru and Eva & Mario. What do you guys think?