Cameron and A-Rod Back On: Why It Won't Last

November 24, 2010 By:
Cameron and A-Rod Back On: Why It Won't Last

Alex Rodriguez must be having trouble finding a new blonde babe to slide into home with, so he’s settled back in with his ex Cameron Diaz.

They were caught getting all snuggly together at a members-only club last week in West Hollywood. "They looked super couple-y," an insider tells Us Magazine. "Cameron was holding his hand and nuzzling him."

If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s kind of what the Yankee player does. He breaks up with chicks, scopes out the scene, and returns to them if he doesn’t find a suitable blonde replacement.

"They break up and get back together all the time,” says a source close to them.

Cameron Diaz and A-Rod Split

There’s only one word for that in my book, and it’s called booty call.

Cam shouldn’t get her hopes up on being A-Rod’s #1 cheerleader for the 2011 season quite yet, because as you may recall, he did the same thing with Kate Hudson.

After calling it quits last December, Alex and Kate were then spotted house hunting in LA the next month. Talk about getting a girl’s hopes up! Naturally, the second go-around fizzled, and they went their separate ways. By February, Alex was already on to his new woman Cameron.

They were going strong until earlier this month when they abruptly broke up, because, as Life & Style put it, he just “stopped liking her.”

Sources say Rodriguez got the wandering-eye syndrome again, and it really hurt Cam’s feelings. But apparently she wasn’t hurt enough to give it another try!

After the canoodle-sesh in LA, the couple headed down to Miami, where they were spotted yesterday. Sources tell our friends at Hollywood Life that A-Rod had to do some serious begging to get back in Diaz’s pants, but she finally gave in.

“He cut things off from her and she was really hurt. She wasn’t looking to get married or anything, but Alex has a wandering eye and wanted to see other people. But, he missed her. Cameron is really a lot of fun and Alex always had a good time with her,” says the insider.

Hello, red flags! How does Cameron not see all the warning signs?! He did this exact same thing with Kate Hudson just months ago, and now he’s doing the same thing to her.

If he can’t be satisfied with either of those gorgeous women, no one should even bother trying to date him.