Calista Flockhart. biography

NAME:Calista Flockhart BIRTH DATE:November 11, 1964 (Age: 50) PLACE OF BIRTH:Freeport, Illinois

American actress Calista Flockhart was born on November 11, 1964 in Freeport, Illinois. Her first television appearance came in 1989 on the soap opera Guiding Light. Calista made a name for herself on Broadway, appearing in The Glass Menagerie in 1994.

Calista is best known for her starring role in David E. Kelley's Fox television series Ally McBeal. She earned a Golden Globe Award in 1998 for her work. The show ran from 1997-2002.

In recent years, Calista has been romantically involved with Harrison Ford. The couple has been together for six years and marriage is on the horizon. Calista currently stars on the ABC show Brothers and Sisters.

Did you know…
  • She was a cheerleader in high school
  • She once dated Ben Stiller
  • She graduated from Rutgers University
  • Her name means "most beautiful" in Greek
  • She auditioned for the role of Alison Parker on Melrose Place
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