Burn Notice: Scatter Point Recap

August 8, 2008 By:
Burn Notice: Scatter Point Recap

Episode 2X5

A recently paroled and reformed ex-con needs help with an upcoming jewelry heist he wants to get out of.

Michael, always hesitant with referrals, eventually concedes and goes undercover as an expert safe cracker (a skill that he had while being a spy) in order to throw a wrench in the works of this seemingly well-oiled criminal machine with it's micro-managing leader. With the help of Sam and Fiona the heist doesn't go, but its leader does.

From a PO Box to an office building, the search for Carla's true identity
continues to remain a mystery. And admittedly, after days of stake outs,
wireless surveillance etc, when Michael finally decides to go inside the
building and he realizes Carla is not there yet has been watching him the
entire time (i.e. has been a few steps ahead of him)… kinda saw that one

How will Michael get an edge on Carla? Will we even see Tricia
Helfer next week?

We'll see.