Burn Notice: Comrades

August 1, 2008 By:
Burn Notice: Comrades

Episode 2X4

Thanks to the recently returned Nate Weston, Michael and crew discover a human trafficking ring run by the local Russian mob.

Turns out that Nate's cute Russian friend, Katya, has a sister who has been kidnapped by this ring. Michael and the gang go to work, ultimately shutting down this ring and saving Katya's sister among others.

Meanwhile, clues to the true identity of Michael's new handler Carla lead them to believe she might have a cover in agriculture as an irrigation consultant.

Sam goes undercover with Harvey Gunderson, the Secretary Treasurer of the Agricultural Association of South Florida (played by funnyman Larry Miller) to poke around and see if any names come up.

Lo and behold, after many meetings, whisky, wine, and the threat of the DEA to ruin Gunderson's career, the bet paid off. At least in the form of a business card and a PO Box.