Game Over! 15 Times Bruno Mars Won the Super Bowl

February 3, 2014 By:
Game Over! 15 Times Bruno Mars Won the Super Bowl
Image By: WireImage / Kevin Mazur

Good job, Seahawks, but GREAT job, Bruno Mars on your own runaway victory that was your Super Bowl halftime performance.

Not only were we totally with you every brassy step of the way—we wanted to seriously just BE YOU the whole time. (You were obviously having way more fun than Peyton Manning on that field…)

Before you tell us we’re all amazing just the way we are, save your breath, we’re not and let us make our case…


1. You can rock a gold lame blazer.

And CUSTOM Saint Laurent, no less.


2. Which looked damn good on those drums.


3. That beautiful head of hair.


4. Can we just run our fingers through it?


5. Your band was seriously on point.


6. Everything was so synchronized!

Good job, team!


7. Your fancy footwork was really something.

We were hopelessly mesmerized.


8. Like, really, truly something.


9. And those splits were everything.


10. It was like the stage was too hot for your feet.

Because you made it that way.


11. You exorcised the demon that is Anthony Kiedis and resurrected the Red Hot Chili Peppers because you are a musical wizard.


12. Again, your stratospheric footwork.

Because the ability to keep jumping along with RHCP is a God-given gift.


13. Then, at one point you didn’t even need them, or your band, or a stage. Just a microphone…


14. To hit every single note, pitch perfectly.


15. And light up the entire night sky.

Girl, it was amazing. Never change, Bruno!