Bruno Mars Cocaine Charges Dropped

January 17, 2012 By:
Bruno Mars Cocaine Charges Dropped

Hey, let’s celebrate! One less celebrity with a criminal record! Lindsay Lohan should take note.

Bruno Mars was arrested in Las Vegas in September 2010 when he was found doing coke in one of the stalls of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Did he not have his own suite? Also, drugs are bad, kids.

Anyways, Bruno pled guilty to the charge but would not be convicted if he completed 200 hours of community service and attend drug education classes.

Now, TMZ is reporting that he has logged more than 230 hours of community service at some children’s charities and some health-related charities. He’s also completed all his classes.

Tomorrow, the judge will dismiss the cocaine charge and Bruno will go back to having a spotless criminal record. Cue the song, “Just The Way You Are” as he waltzes out of the courthouse scot-free.

No seriously, is Lindsay Lohan taking notes?

I guess you can say he dodged a bullet, or should I say “Grenade.”

Speaking on behalf of his drug bust, he once told GQ, “I’m a f-cking musician,” meaning musicians can do what they want? He then justified that answer with, “But I’ve learned people are watching, so don’t do nothing stupid.”