Brooke Shields' Advice To Avoid Paparazzi

June 25, 2008 By:
Brooke Shields' Advice To Avoid Paparazzi

Brooke Shields has been in the business for a long time, so she knows how invasive the paparazzi can be. So she's taught her oldest daughter Rowan how to deal with the photographers who constantly follow her and her family.

Brooke says, "Rowan will say, `Mom, paparazzi.' It's sad to me that she even knows the word. But then I said, `What do you do about that?' and she said, 'Well, I look straight ahead and I don't look them in the eye.'

"So there's the sense of don't let them invade. They're going to be there;
let's not let them ruin our day or our life. And I think that's a slightly
healthier way of dealing with it."

Brooke is such an amazing mom. She's been able to stay grounded this entire time she's been in Hollywood, and it seems like she's doing a pretty great job of parenting her two little ones!