Drug Dealer: I Sold 'Cute A**' Brooke Mueller Crack

April 15, 2011 By:
Drug Dealer: I Sold 'Cute A**' Brooke Mueller Crack

Brooke Mueller is desperate for her two babies: crack and fake urine samples. A neighborhood drug dealer reportedly said that Mueller recently paid $150 for an 8-ball of crack cocaine. And normally I wouldn’t trust a neighborhood drug dealer, but any picture of Brooke Mueller pretty much says it all.

The source, who identified himself as T-Mac, told RadarOnline,

“Man, I ain't never seen some sh-t like that, a cute ass white b-tch looking for some candy on these streets," T-Mac said.

I love the fact that I can totally hear this guy saying all of this. T-Mac recognized Mueller from a photo, but had no idea who she was. Come on, T-Mac, keep up with your current events!

"I was posted up across the street from the pawn shop and, when she got into her Benz, she asked me if I knew where she could get a bump," T-Mac added. "At first, I thought she was po-po, you feel me, but she told me she just wanted to get high. So I went for it.”

I had to use Urban Dictionary to translate half of that sentence, but Brooke Mueller does drive a Mercedes S-Class, so T-Mac’s story checks out so far.

“We got in her ride, bent a corner, and I hooked her ass up with 8-ball for a buck fifty and told her if she liked it, to come see me again."

On a side note, I would never do cocaine. But if I ever decided to, T-Mac would be my man. A dollar fifty?! I can't even buy a gallon of milk for that price these days.

For the past few days, friends and lawyers have been unable to reach Mueller, which is usually a sign she’s back on drugs. Her mother has reportedly been taking care of the twins. If Brooke fails any of the three random drug tests she is ordered to take each month, she’ll lose custody of Bob and Max. What makes things worse for Brooke is that she's scheduled to take a mandatory drug test at 6PM tonight. #OHSHIT!