Charlie Sheen's Ex Brooke Mueller Back In Rehab

June 1, 2012 By:
Charlie Sheen's Ex Brooke Mueller Back In Rehab

Brooke Mueller best known for her associations with people more famous than her -- a former Mrs. Charlie Sheen and supporting cast member to Paris Hilton on The World According to Paris -- is in rehab. Again.

Around Mother's Day, post a four day visit to the home of her famous ex-husband, a source tells Celebuzz that Mueller "fell off the wagon.”

Although it may be no surprise that Mueller has relapsed, the problem here essentially lies in the timing. Mueller is on probation after a drug arrest/90 rehab stint for her addiction, that she finished but a scant two months ago.

Muellers most recent missteps put her in violation of her probation for previous missteps which could put her prison, or cause her to loose custody of her children -- three-year-old twin heirs to the Sheen dynasty.

A representative for Mueller basically says that Mueller herself claims that she will continue to screw things up, but is grateful for those who tolerate her actions:

“As Brooke told the Court a couple of weeks ago, she will spend the rest of her life trying to stay sober, with every day being a struggle. As part of her ongoing treatment and as planned, she voluntarily checked herself into a rehab facility several weeks ago. Brooke is doing well and is grateful she has a strong support system on which she can rely.”

One could assume the a visit with Sheen was just an ill conceived attempt at tackling a tier in her twelve steps to recovery, but its hard to imagine how she'll be able to make amends for this.

Let's all look in the bright side here though, if Charlie Sheen was allegedly anywhere near someone else who's been smoking crack lately, his appearance as a presenter on this weekends MTV Movie Awards is only going to be all the more richer for it.