Charlie Sheen Pays Broke Brooke Mueller's Bail

December 5, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Pays Broke Brooke Mueller's Bail

Over the weekend Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller and the mother of his twins Bob and Max was arrested and charged with assault and intent to distribute drugs and it was Charlie Sheen who bailed her out on $11,000 bond. You know you're f-cked up when Charlie Sheen bails you out of jail.

Apparently Mueller used her jail phone call to ask her parents to help her out but they refused. After being arrested in an Aspen, Colorado nightclub for alleged cocaine possessions and assaulting someone at the nightclub she called her parents and according to a source, “They actually wanted to leave her in jail.”

According to, Brooke’s parents are not sympathetic to her alcohol and drug addictions.

“Brooke’s family is done with her, she has to get straight or she is going to die,” says the source.

According to a police statement, “On Dec. 2, 2011, at approximately 11:32 p.m., officers with the Aspen Police Department were on a routine walk through at the [music venue] Belly Up, 450 S. Galena Street, Aspen when they contacted a woman who reported an assault which had taken place. The woman identified Brooke Mueller, 34, of Los Angeles, California as the aggressor.”

Mueller is set to return to court on December 19 for a hearing. Who knows if Sheen will be there. Earlier this year the couple were reunited, even staging some weird paparazzi moments to appear as a united family and vacationing together, but she has since moved out of his home.

I’m sure Charlie bailed her out, as she and Charlie share joint custody of their twin boys, Bob and Max, and yes those are actually their children’s names and not the nicknames of Sheen’s balls.

Charlie Sheen’s ex-women are causing disorder everywhere lately. One of Sheen’s former Goddesses Bree Olson has caused a lot of hate for tweeting that people shouldn’t give homeless people money.

She tweeted a post of a beggar in her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana and wrote, “STOP giving them money Fort Wayne! The more you give them money this place is gonna start looking like Skid Row.”

So this girl is dumb, obviously, and I wonder if Charlie Sheen will swoop in a do damage control for her like he did for Brooke Mueller. Haha, who am I kidding? Those Goddesses are on their own! She probably can’t give a dollar to a homeless person because now she’s got to pay for her own drugs and tigers blood or whatever.