Brooke Mueller Wants to Ban TMZ Cameras From Cocaine Trial

December 21, 2011 By:
Brooke Mueller Wants to Ban TMZ Cameras From Cocaine Trial

Brooke Mueller was recently arrested in Aspen, Colorado for carrying 4 grams of cocaine and also arrested with intent to sell said cocaine, because who walks around with an eight ball and some change worth of cocaine?

Anyways, her lawyers are trying to block access to TMZ from entering the courtroom during her first court appearance. That’s right, Brooke Mueller does snow when she visits the snow (Do they call cocaine “snow”? Probably not LOL WHAT’S DRUGS?) but her biggest fear is that TMZ cameras will livestream her arraignment in Aspen.

What’s the big deal? TMZ does this for the Lindsay Lohan cases(s) all the time, but then again, Lindsay probably likes it because it reminds her of when she was making movies all those many years ago. “This is just like when I filmed the ‘Parent Trap’” says Lindsay everytime a TMZ camera trails her.

Basically, Mueller’s lawyers think the TMZ cameras are making her arrest a bigger deal than it needs to be. I thought it was a big deal when someone’s mom was just casually holding several grams of coke in her pocket, but sure, having some 24-year-old camera guy say “Hey Brooke, where’s Charlie?” while you try to stuff your head into a towncar is also, like the biggest deal.

Brooke’s lawyer is saying that if TMZ were to livestream the court proceeding, it would “unduly detract from the solemnity, decorum and dignity of the court.” Also, with no cameras, “this case may become less interesting.”