Brooke Mueller Up to Something in Maui

June 17, 2011 By:
Brooke Mueller Up to Something in Maui

Photos of Brooke Muller engaging in some sort of deal involving wads of cash and rolled down car windows have sparked speculation that she’s back on the wagon.

I’d defend her by asking why she’d be slangin’ rock right in front of the paparazzi, but she doesn’t really seem aware of anything. Much like a caged monkey that sniffs its own ass in front of zoo patrons, either Brooke doesn’t know we’re watching, or she doesn’t care.

Brooke was vacationing in Hawaii with the two sons she had with ex Charlie Sheen. During the time these photos were taken, the children were reportedly not around.

Brooke was wearing sweats and rain boots, carrying a wad of cash in one hand and talking to several strangers. It doesn’t necessarily mean she’s buying drugs, but she’s certainly not going out of her way to help her image. It’d be like Anthony Weiner dropping his pants during his resignation.

Brooke and Sheen have recently reached a custody agreement, which Sheen didn’t seem to happy with, considering Brooke went back to rehab in April for her issues with substance abuse.

Mueller is also featured in Paris Hilton’s new reality show, where she struggles with her rehabilitation. On the show, Brooke breaks down and begs Hilton’s mom, Kathy, for help with her sobriety.