Brooke Mueller Likes How Charlie Sheen Handles Himself

October 29, 2010 By:
Brooke Mueller Likes How Charlie Sheen Handles Himself

For a woman who claims Charlie Sheen threatened her life with a knife on Christmas Day, Brooke Mueller sure does have a lot of positive things to say about her ex!

Brooke spoke with Extra and said she’s not that worried about him. Keep in mind this comes from a woman who went to rehab for a crack addiction and had her own children taken away from her.

Charlie Sheen is Good for Hooker Business

"Charlie is a survivor," Mueller told Extra. "He knows how to handle himself."

Hmmm, kind of like how he “handled” you over Christmas, Brookey? We remember your exact quote being that Sheen threw you around “like a rag doll….”

And bitch please with the “survivor” talk. Anyone could survive off of his paycheck, and we’re pretty sure those are the laurels you’re resting on this very minute.

Inside Charlie Sheen's Bathroom Stall Cocaine Party

"You know how things get blown out of proportion," she added.

We’re pretty sure getting caught naked with a hooker you hired for $12,000 and cocaine all over your face while your ex-wife and two daughters is in the next room isn’t exactly “blowing things out of proportion.”

If that’s not a big deal to either Charlie or Brooke, we’d like to know what they think “partying hard” really is!