Brooke Mueller Handling Rehab Well

February 2, 2010 By:
Brooke Mueller Handling Rehab Well

Charlie Sheen’s wife Brooke Mueller is reportedly doing well in rehab. She’s been a part of the program at the Two Dreams Outer Banks treatment center in North Carolina for a week now, and is progressing well.

Sources say Brooke is already “feeling stronger,” and has been treating herself to massages and tennis while there. “Brooke is doing great,” said Brooke’s father, Jon Fiore. “She is getting massages daily at Two Dreams and even played tennis with her mother while she was visiting. She is starting to heal herself. She is feeling so much better, so much stronger.”

But Brooke’s dad wants to make sure people know his daughter isn’t at the facility to battle drugs and alcohol. “She is just there to heal herself from all the stress,” he said. “There really wasn’t any kind of drugs involved. Her body was in turmoil and she had a lot of stress, so she went there to rest and get away from everything.”

According to her dad, Brooke wants to leave as soon as possible so she can be reunited with her kids and attend the hearing. “She misses the kids terribly,” he said. “We expect her to leave in a week. Everything is on schedule for the hearing.”

We know Brooke has had a history with drugs and alcohol, so it’s shocking to hear her father talk about the subject so lightly. Obviously if Brooke was in the hospital for two weeks, followed by a rehab session, she is struggling with some demons. We just hope she takes her time in getting well for the sake of her children.