Brooke Mueller Denied From Rehab

July 20, 2011 By:
Brooke Mueller Denied From Rehab

Brooke Mueller is such a mess she can’t even enter rehab.

Brooke went all the way to Mexico to enter an “extreme” seven-day treatment course at a facility in Cancun, which specializes in giving patients Ibogaine, a drug that re-programmes the brain to cure addictions, but has been forced to put her plans on hold because she lost her passport.

A source told website "Brooke made it to the gate with her doctor, who was going to accompany her, but the airline staff wouldn't let her board the plane. Brooke is going to get an emergency passport on Wednesday, and hopes to leave for Mexico as soon as she gets the new one."

Ibogaine isn’t legal in the US so the only place she can get this kind of extreme treatment is in Mexico. But she’s such a mess she already lost her passport.

Brooke has been to rehab over 10 times and still can’t kick her addiction to drugs and alcohol. For the past couple months the only photos we’ve seen of her are her looking like a mess with a crack pipe in her hand wandering the streets. She even got caught buying crack cocaine from a dealer in East LA a few months ago.

It’s sad that she still has full custody of her twin boys from Charlie Sheen. At this point Charlie would be a better suited parent—and he’s a big mess too! Someone needs to get child services involved. It’s just sad at this point.