Brooke Mueller Asking Friends for Urine

April 14, 2011 By:
Brooke Mueller Asking Friends for Urine

Brooke Mueller wants urine.

As part of their custody agreement, the two
parents have to submit to random drug testing three times a month. If only
the courts could've ordered random drug testingbeforethese two
planned to have kids.

When Brooke found out she would have to provide a urine sample early
Thursday, she began asking friends for their piss, according to Radaronline.

"Brooke admitted to relapsing. She hasn't been returning calls, which
usually means she's using," a friend said. "She's absolutely freaked out
that this potential dirty test could result in her losing custody of their
2-year-old twins (Bob and Max) to Charlie."

These poor kids have bounced from house to house, have a mom that's
desperate for pee, and have two parents that look like they should be
hanging out on Skid Row. Their only hope is for Denise Richards to come and
rescue them, too.

"There is a very real chance that Brooke could lose custody of the boys if
the test does come back positive," a legal source told Radaronline. "Brooke
knew that if she used drugs again, Charlie could get full custody of them,"
our source says.