Brooke Hogan Talks About Parents Divorce and Nick's Jail Sentence

September 8, 2008 By:
Brooke Hogan Talks About Parents Divorce and Nick's Jail Sentence

They call it the reality show curse. The theory is that any family or relationship that signs on for a reality show will fall apart. Unfortunately the Hogan’s suffered the same fate when they signed on to do "Hogan Knows Best."

Hollyscoop caught up with Brooke Hogan Sunday at the MTV VMA's where she dished on her family drama and her brother Nick Hogan's jail stint.

Brooke's family has been getting a lot of heat from the media about recent family troubles. "Bring the heat. Who cares?", said Brooke. "Everybody in America goes through hardships and divorce and all kinds of stuff. We're actually on the lucky side, just because we're under the microscope it seems a lot bigger, but we have to keep things in perspective.

She added, "The main thing is that we're all alive, we're all healthy. Situations are just situations. Once you're on your death bed, you look back and you're like, 'you know it didn't really matter' the thing that matters most is the people that are around and the people who matter."

What is Nick looking forward to the most when he gets out? "Eating my cooking, cause I cook awesome! I told him I'm going to make you everything you could ever dream of!"

So how is Nick passing the time in jail? "He does a lot of push ups and a lot of pull ups. He's working out, he's trying to make some friends," said Brooke. "It's been tough on him, he was 17 years old when he went in there. He just turned 18. I know when I was 17 I didn't know what was going on."

It's easy to forget that celebrity families are just like the rest of us. No one wants their faults or troubles under a microscope, but Brooke seems like she's cooping quite well considering the circumstances. Check out our exclusive video with Brooke at the VMA's below...