Brooke Hogan Defends Her Dad's OJ Comments

April 17, 2009 By:
Brooke Hogan Defends Her Dad's OJ Comments

Brooke Hogan definitely has family loyalty. She’s rushed to the defense of her father,Hulk Hogan, who made some interesting comments earlier in the week, saying he understood where OJ Simpson was coming from when he murdered his wife.

Brooke sounded off in an interview with ET. She told them, "I cannot believe how blown out of proportion one small part of a seven-page article has become," Brooke says.

"It's a classic case of a quote being taken out of context. I look up to my father in every way. He has been through so much and has taken the high road through it all. The idea that he would condone the O.J. situation is just outrageous."

Not for nothing, but when someone says verbatim, “I mean, I totally understand O.J.,” they have to expect to come under fire for it.

It just goes to show that Brooke is playing the same game both her parents continue to play. Never taking responsibility for their actions, and always playing the victim.

Now if she and Hulk can go back to keeping their mouths shut and lathering suntan oil all over each other inappropriately, we’d appreciate it!