Brooke Hogan Dating a Girl?

May 5, 2009 By:
Brooke Hogan Dating a Girl?

Is Brooke Hogan the latest young celebrity to try batting for the other team?

In a new article with Ok! magazine, Brooke dishes about the new season of her show Brooke Knows Best, and we were surprised to hear how “open” she’s become.

When Ok! asked Brooke what viewers could expect from the upcoming season of the show, she said, “It’s crazier. I went on a date with a girl. The girl was really awesome and we had a blast. Then it got to the point where she was wanting to kiss me. Everyone knows I do not go there.”

We wonder why she would go in the first place if she wasn’t interested in women! But Brooke says she completely understands why Lindsay Lohan switched from guys to girls.

She told the mag, “Oh, totally. You can fall in love with anyone. I naturally migrate toward men first; some people may be more open about it. Personally, it’s not me.”

And speaking of dating, Brooke definitely doesn’t approve of her mom Linda Hogan dating 19-year-old Charlie. She told Ok!, “I had a talk with her and I said, 'I think everyone in America knows why I won’t accept Charlie.' But what people don’t know is that he’s a bad influence on her. She’s not staying as healthy as she should be. He’s 19, he can party his ass off.

"She’s 48. I said, ‘Mom, if you want to have a relationship with me you have to dump Charlie.’ It’s not because of his age. If he were 5 years old and a good influence on her then that would better. But I’m just not happy with the situation because of their poor judgment — with what they do.”

We’re not sure exactly what it is they do but at 19 years old, guys definitely aren’t done with their partying years. And women at 48 usually are! So we’ll side with Brooke here.

The second season of Brooke Knows Best returns to VH1 June 7th.