Brooke Hogan Blogs About The Media

July 28, 2008 By:
Brooke Hogan Blogs About The Media

Brooke Hogan has yet again graced us with another one of her poignant blogs. She went to go visit Nick in jail for his 18th birthday, despite media reports stating otherwise.

Brooke writes:

"Stupid people of the press. Heres how stupid and inaccurate the media can be…

According to the press I didn't show up to my brothers 18th birthday at the jail.

Lets see…

*hes in jail

*Its an important birthday…the big 18!!!

*I'm only a 4 hour drive to Tampa

*He's the most important thing in my life

They must have thought I didn't show cause they didn't SEE me. uhh…there's such thing as a back door you jerks.

In conclusion…That goes to show you that you can't believe anything you watch on TV or read in magazines. Cause people will make up BS without even knowing the facts. Hey Media! Why don't you gather facts, check them, and then give the public the truth? That might work. Oh no…I forgot. You make too much money telling LIES.

Needless to say, I WAS there for my brother on his birthday because he is my best friend and NOTHING comes before family."